ADAM’S PEAK - A Revered Ascent​


The Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak) season commence with the dawn of Unduwap Poya (in December) and continues until Vesak Poya (May).

Climbing in Sri Pada – which literally transl;ate into ‘the sacred footprint’ is an ascent of reverence and piety.

Shrouded in legend and history, it’s an icon that represents the multiple and diverse faith and beliefs of the people of this paradise isle.

Buddhist believe that atop the mountain is a foot print left by Lord Buddha when he visit Sri Lanka.Muslims and Christians call it Adam’s Peak in the belief that this was where Adam first set foot on Earth. And Hindus call it Shivandi Paadam – the footprint of Lord Siva.

Witnessing the sunrise from atop this sacred mountain with the cool breeze swirling around you, is a breathtaking natural phenomenon. As the sun rises, the mountain’s silhouette is thrown against the lush greenery of its surroundings, while the temple bell rings loud and clear in the morning air as devotes announce their summiting of the holy site.